Walk in the Rain

A cool walk in the rain sets Kores juices flowing and all she has in mind is to return home as quickly as possible and let the rain squirt all over her man from her gushing squirting pussy.

The Diet Plan

Kore decides she will put some weight on and try and make those huge tits of hers even bigger. So she is stuffing her face with all sorts of fattening goodies when a friend arrives and fills her mouth and pussy with his hard cock. And to finish he blows his load on her cake which she quickly devours. The pounds are packing on now

Cash for Gas

Kore Goddess cannot afford a tank of gas and sits by the road begging for cash. She is dead lucky because a little known porn producer was passing by and does her a deal. He pays for a tank of gas and she appears in a POV porn movie with him. Seems like the perfect transaction

Paid For Sex

Kore just loves spending money and she comes up with a plan .....Hubby now has to pay for sex. It seems to work for them both as he gets hot sex with his massive titted wife and she has loads of money to go shopping with. What she does not know is we get a hard cock watching her get her money.

The XXX Nurse

Kore Goddess is the XXX Nurse guaranteed to revive the most ill of patients with her personal charms. One thing is certain Florence Nightingale did not have a pair of tits that will match the size of Kores guaranteed to have you up and about like a new man.

Big Tits Big Pussy

Kore Goddess hits the bottle or should we say it hits on her. That big pussy needs filling and in this scene she picks up anything handing and stuffs it into her gaping hole. Does your wife allow you to watch her filling her pussy?

Shower and Toy

Time to take these two huge boobs in the shower but oh no the water running across them and down into her pussy causes Kore to get very horny and it's not long before she satisfies her needs

Double Fuck

Kore Goddess has enormous tits but also a big pussy that is hungry for cock 24/7 and when there is no real cock to be had then her large collection of toys are brought into play. In this scene nothing short of two huge dongs at the same time will satisfy her hunger.

Tit Fuck

Kore Goddess has such enormous big full tits perfect for giving the best tit fucks in town. Just watch our lucky customer it's so good he dumps a load of cum on them.

Paying the Doctor

Just had no money and the Doctor is demanding payment. When Miss Kore explains to the Doctor she has no money he provides an alternative method of payment. Superb role play a real must see.

Traffic Violation

Kore Goddess is arrested for a traffic violation because she was driving around undressed like a slut. In California that violates state laws. The arresting Police officer immediately violates Kores ass first with his night stick then his hard cock. Join the members who are enjoying this hot video.

Something big

I really wanted something deep inside my pussy something that would give me a shuddering orgasm. Well come inside my members area and see me go much further as I fill my ass and pussy with huge rubber dongs then get to work on my clit. Oh yes i came and squirted like a fountain.

Slave Tits

Time for some more big tit torture courtesy of koregoddess.net Our resident master Dr Art applies the nipple clamps and clothes pins and then delights himself by getting himself a tit wank and unloads on Kore Goddess's face. Join now for you injection of nasty porn.


Milk pump bondage

Kore Goddess the slut is getting her big heavy tits ready for them to be milk pumped. Look at our sample photo's of this bitch dont you just want to come inside our members area and jerk off in tribute to her slutiness.

Unpaid pay day loan

Kore Goddess has not paid her loan back for a number of weeks so she visits the loan shark and tries to negotiate. He is one nasty guy but he is prepared to wipe the slate clean providing he can mistreat her for an hour. Join the members area now and watch Kore get both her massive tits and hairy pussy abused.

Horny Slut

I needed some hard cock bouncing in my hot pussy but there is no man about. I took this big dong and stuck it on a huge ball then bounced hard and deep into my hot twat. Come and watch me!!

Tit Bound

I love having my huge tits bound tightly so they go a nice purple colour, my nipples become super sensitive and my pussy starts to get very wet. You will enjoy watching me play with my big mounds squashing and teasing them.

Cum for the barmaid

I serve up the hot coffees for myself and Dr Art who showes his gratitude by allowing the me to suck his cock till he blows his creamy load all over my big titties.

Tit Domme smothering

This nasty little man gets the full Busty Domme treatment as I crush his head and face with my huge whoppers, eventually I allow him to come up for air so he can wank his stiff manhood off all over my juggs

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